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The Importance Of Cleaning Your Heat Exchanger

There is a lot of bad information about maintaining gas boilers. Many people think that they don’t need to be cleaned. It is very important to have them cleaned regularly for safe and proper operation.

The combustion air coming into the chamber can scale heat exchanger along with by-products from propane and natural gas. Dirty heat exchangers reduce efficiency and change how the gas-air mixture performs in the combustion chamber from initial set up. Many of the manufacturers don’t even have a cleaning method put in place, as you can see by photos of various boilers shown below, the heat exchangers get very dirty burning natural gas and propane. This particular heat exchanger cannot be cleaned on the back side without flooding the entire chamber multiple times.

By scheduling a regular cleaning of the heat exchanger on your gas boiler you will ensure better operation and extend it’s lifespan – resulting in all-around savings!

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